One entire segment of our fleet is specifically designed for cleaning and maintaining sewer systems of virtually all types rated from DN 50 to DN 2000.

Besides for several high-pressure suction/flusher combi-trucks and standard high-pressure vehicles for smaller dimensions, we use also special vehicles for line cleaning in industrial facilities, public buildings and other low-height, difficult-to-access sites, as well as vehicles providing continuous water reclamation.

Practical applications

  • Regular maintenance cleaning of municipal sewage systems coupled with continuous water reclamation technology
  • Cleaning and maintenance of complex industrial and commercial wastewater systems
  • Cleaning of main sewers, standpipes and other structures
  • Removal of deposits and incrustations as well as clearing drainage obstacles and blockages
  • Cleaning of culvert structures
  • Cleaning and reaming of sewer lines prior to rehabilitation and inspections
  • Elimination of unpleasant odors caused e.g. by organic pollution in industrial areas
  • Cleaning and desludging of wells and ditches