We use several rugged push-rod cameras to inspect sewers and pipes up to DN 150 and document damage.

When desired, we can provide the results of any test in digital format.

Apart from the leak tests on DIN 199-100 and DIN 4040-100 separator systems, we also perform leak testing on sewer systems according to the EN 1610 regulations.

When called on to inspect larger sewer dimensions in non-accessible areas, we collaborate with well-known certified colleagues.

Für die Untersuchung von Kanälen und Rohrleitungen im Bereich bis DN 150 und die Dokumentation von Schäden stehen uns mehrere robuste Schiebekameras zur Verfügung.

Practical applications:

  • New construction inspections
  • Control inspections
  • Damaged line inspections
  • Locating hidden lines and wells
  • Discharge inspections
  • Leak tests of lines, wells and structures with air or water